Toyoshinkyu Characteristics

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General Educational Goals
• To continue the heritage of the medicine of acupuncture and moxibustion, as developed uniquely in Japan and fostered by history and traditions.
• To foster the knowledge and skills appropriate to professional practitioners, with the objective of such study being the opening of private practices.
• To foster individuals of sound mind and body through the cultivation of aesthetic sensibilities. These individuals should possess a strong sense of humanity that is intelligent, cultured, moral, and socially developed.

Founded in 1957. More than 6000 alumni.

Sorei Yanagiya, a global authority on the medicine of acupuncture and moxibustion, founded Toyoshinkyu in 1957. Although recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of schools offering acupuncture and moxibustion courses, Toyoshinkyu has a proud tradition of shin (mind), gi (skill), and tai (body) mastery.

See “Alumni Leaders: Continuing the Philosophy of the Founder” for more information.

Extensive Practical Training and Instruction

Instructors with a wealth of clinical experience demonstrate the fundamentals needed for clinical practitioners. These fundamentals serve as a model for students, who acquire these fundamentals through extensive practice. Repeated practice allows for the natural acquisition of the mindset and technique of a clinical practitioner.

The “Participatory Clinical Practicum” offered by Toyoshinkyu allows real world understanding and learning through experience providing treatments (including medical interviews, physical examinations, treatment protocols, etc.). This learning is available not only to the student directly providing treatments, but also participating classmates.

Toyoshinkyu continues its support after graduation with programs to help with opening private practices, post-graduation seminars, and refresher courses to encourage skill development.

See “Substantial Instruction in Practical Technique, Including Participatory Clinical Practicums” for more information.

Powerful Support for Attaining National Qualifications

Toyoshinkyu employs a national examination specialist as a full time teacher and vigorously supports our students in attaining national qualifications. Furthermore, Toyoshinkyu provides effective and efficient support to improving academic achievement, through such means as original tests that are the result of many years of research, an online comprehensive academic support system, summer seminars, and practice examinations. Students, including students who work while attending Toyoshinkyu, can acquire skills and knowledge without stress.

See “National Examination Preparation: Aiming for a 100% Pass Rate!” for more information.

Strong Career Support for Current Students and Graduates

In addition to joint company information sessions and seminars to support the opening of private practices, Toyoshinkyu has a career counseling room on the third floor of the Toyoshinkyu No. 1 Building. Here, career advice and job search support is provided to current students and graduates. The staff in charge is always available for consultations.

Each year, 380 job offers come to Toyoshinkyu! These offers come from all over Japan, with the Toyoshinkyu staff in charge making as many visits as possible to the locations that submitted these offers. Students who want to meet with a career counselor can do so for an individual interview, allowing Toyoshinkyu to provide career and employment location information believed to be the best match for the individual student’s future. Toyoshinkyu provides the same level of service to current students for part-time positions.

See “Career and Employment Support System” for more information.

Outstanding Location and an Environment Where it is Easy for Working Students to Learn

Toyoshinkyu is a three-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo station, which is next to Shinjuku Station, Japan’s largest terminal station. It is a four-minute walk from either JR Okubo Station or Nishi-Shinjuku Station, making for an outstanding location with easy access from practically anywhere. This is the perfect environment to commute to as a student, and perfect for working individuals to pursue national qualifications.

See “Access Map” for more information.