Career and Employment Support System

Career and Employment Support System

20091214175606Toyoshinkyu has a Career Counseling Room on the third floor of the Toyoshinkyu No. 1 Building. Here, current students and graduates can get career guidance and job search support. The staff in charge is always available for consultations.

Detailed Services of the Job Consultation Room
• Procuring, managing, and introducing recruitment listings (including part-time jobs), as well as on-site visits to locations submitting recruitment listings
• Hosting joint company information sessions
• Implementing career surveys and performing individual career interviews
• Hosting seminars to support the opening of private practices

Joint Company Information Sessions

20140307142004Toyoshinkyu hosts joint company information sessions targeted primarily to third year students. We invite working alumni and hiring managers to these sessions, where students can learn practical, work related information. This includes information about the general environment and industry trends of anma/massage/shiatsu, acupuncture, and moxibustion, as well as information on what kind of person hiring locations are seeking.

< Corporate Participants in the March 2016 Session >
Care Plus, Inc.
Ginza Haricchi
Coran Coran Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic
Koritoreru Co., Ltd.
Yaesu Takumi Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Osteopathic Clinic; Central Enterprise Co., Ltd.
LIS In-Home Massage: LIS Co., Ltd.
Art Life Inc.
Hurri Diet & Acupuncture
Shuho Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic
Koujimachi Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Shiatsu Clinic
Ryuei Clinic
Yojodo Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Massage Clinic

Career Surveys and Individual Career Interviews

20091209154547Toyoshinkyu regularly performs career surveys and individual career interviews with the goal of providing career and employment support tailored to each individual student. Specifically, students in their last year before graduation complete career survey forms and those students who indicate interest have an individual career interview with career guidance staff, following which Toyoshinkyu provides career and job information believed to be the best match for the individual student’s future.

Seminar to Support the Opening of Private Practices

20091209153155Toyoshinkyu hosts free-of-charge seminars to support the opening of private practices at regular intervals multiple times a year for students who want to open their own practices, either immediately after graduation or in the future. Seminar speakers are professionals in their respective fields, people with entrepreneurial and business knowledge in fields other than medicine. They present the basic knowledge and know-how for opening a private practice. There is a question-and-answer session following the presentations, with students eagerly asking questions for as long as time allows. Seminar topics include funding, legal matters, real estate, interior design, marketing, infrastructure development, equipment and instruments, and sales related activities. Students who start attending these seminars in their first year can absorb a great deal of information by their third year.

2015 School Year Seminar to Support the Opening of Private Practices (Finished)

23 October 2015 (Friday), 15:30 – 17:00
“Useful Tax Information for Employment and Establishing Your Own Practice”
Presenters: the Shinjuku Tax Office (National Tax Agency) and the Shinjuku Branch Office of the Tokyo Certified Public Accountants’ Association
Content: Information including answers to the following questions: What are taxes for salaried employees? What is the “blue return” for taxes? How do you prepare your tax returns (for income tax)?
This seminar is open to all current Toyoshinkyu students.

2014 School Year Seminar to Support the Opening of Private Practices (Finished)

2014 School Year Seminar to Support the Opening of Private Practices (Finished)
31 October 2014 (Friday), 16:00 – 17:00
“Points for Drafting an Initial Business Plan: Know and Prosper
Presenter: the Japan Finance Corporation
The seminar will present how to draft the initial business plan form needed to start a new business, business plans, and using financing systems and other means to raise funds. The easy to understand lecture will use detailed tools, data, and real-world examples.
This seminar is open to all current Toyoshinkyu students.

Contents of Previous Support Seminars

Lecture Theme: Lecture Presented By:
How to Create Funding and Business Plans When Opening a Private Practice Financial institution personnel in charge of new business investment and establishment support
This is all you need to know!
Basic Real Estate Knowledge for Opening a Clinic in a Leased Commercial Space
Representative Director, Real Estate Company
This is all you need to know!
Basic Taxes and Marketing to Manage a Clinic as a Sole Proprietorship
Licensed Tax Accountant and Marketing Advisor, Accounting Firm
Telephone and Internet Infrastructure for the Opening of a New Clinic, and Starting a Homepage and Email Account Personnel in charge of System Engineers, Internet Provider
Basic Information on Producing Clinic Sales Promotion Tools Director of Planning Division, Printing Company
Points of Caution for the Creation and Updating of Clinic Homepage Contents Personnel in charge of Planning Division and the Toyoshinkyu Webmaster
Connections Between Local Medical Professionals and Practitioners of Anma/Massage/Shiatsu, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion: From Opening Preparations to Actual Business Activities President and Representative Director, At-Home Massage Service Company
Fundamental Knowledge for Opening a Private Practice (The Flow of Money) President and Representative Director, Human Resources Company
Your First Job Search Seminar – What You Should Do Now in order to be an Active Practitioner in the Future President and Representative Director, Human Resources Company
Support Program for the Opening of Private Practices

Toyoshinkyu has made it possible for alumni to use the treatment space inside the clinic owned by our educational foundation. This space is available to graduates who are aiming to open their own private practice in the future, as well as to practitioners who currently do not have their own clinics. Toyoshinkyu will continue to do whatever it can to contribute to the development of the world of acupuncture, moxibustion, and anma/massage/shiatsu.
For more information see the Toyoshinkyu Clinic homepage (Japanese)

Post-Graduation Training Program

Toyoshinkyu provides a post-graduation training program at our clinical facility.

< Details of Post-Graduation Education >P1040081
1. The objective of post-graduation training is for a trainee to become able to appropriately assess a patient and provide proper treatment, once the trainee has excluded those cases where acupuncture, moxibustion, and/or anma/massage/shiatsu are contraindicated or inappropriate.
2. Once training reaches its final stages, the objective is for a trainee to be the sole person who provides treatment for an incoming patient on a regular basis. At this stage, the trainee is able to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to that point.P1040179
3. Post-graduation education proceeds in stages in order to achieve these objectives. Each stage contains multiple training categories, which trainees complete in order.
4. A class where student numbers are kept low is taught three or four times a month by an instructor with a wealth of clinical experience. These classes focus on practical technique.
5. Trainees can participate (voluntarily) in the special lectures and special classes (extracurricular classes) offered to currently enrolled Toyoshinkyu students.

Skill Development Seminar (for Graduates and Current Students)

Oriental medicine contains many methods of diagnosis. In this seminar, instructors from outside Toyoshinkyu are invited to give lectures and demonstrate techniques. This is a chance to learn diagnostic methods from practicing clinicians. We hope you can attend!

Toyoshinkyu is currently working on providing detailed dates and information for the 2016 school year.

Skill Development Seminar for the 2015 School Year (Finished)

1 7 June (Sunday) Hironao Takeuchi
Diagnostic Methods, Adjustment of the Ankle Joint
2 12 July (Sunday) Sadaki Kato
Jin Shin Jyutsu (Treatment Facilitating the Flow of Qi Energy)
3 30 August (Sunday) Michihiro Baba
Meridian Therapy with Rokubujoi Pulse Diagnosis and Tanshi (rapid needle insertion and removal) Acupuncture
4 4 October (Sunday) Akiko Hirota
Color Therapy
5 1 November (Sunday) Masao Kido (Part 1)
Sorei Single Needle Technique, VAMFIT (Verifying Affected Meridians for Immediate Therapy), How to Become Proficient in Pulse Diagnosis
6 29 November (Sunday) Haruyoshi Naito
Peintol Taping Seminar (Taping Techniques to Mitigate Pain)
7 17 January (Sunday) Masao Kido (Part 2)
Sorei Single Needle Technique, VAMFIT (Verifying Affected Meridians for Immediate Therapy), How to Become Proficient in Pulse Diagnosis
8 7 February (Sunday) Hiroshi Kosoto
Author of a Book on the History of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (published by Taishukan Publishing)
9 6 March (Sunday) Shoji Kobayashi & Kenji Suyama (President of Taiho Medical Supply)
Shakuju Therapy